AmoLatina Scam - Is the Online Dating Site a Scam?

Online Dating Site A Scam, I have used Amolatina off and on for since 2014. I used it efficiently in Costa Rica in 2014Most of the people ask questions about either it is a real site of a scam. However, most of the people don’t feel the real experience until they don’t face such bitter experience., 2015 and actually met people. In those days, you could make telephone contact and actually chat with the individual but trading contact with details was difficult. There was an organization of the people individual to organize the meeting. After a few days, I did not get any phone call through that agency. 

Women Members

I discovered at that time much of the chat was robotic, bogus, or somebody somewhere was speaking with you. These details were from women members effective on the website. They shared some letters to satisfy you, but in fact, but I no more believe that due to lack Online Dating Site A Scam of ability and contradictions for the participant to remember past chats. Most lately visited another region twice only to be was standing up. In the case of cash where cash is no item, a gift can be sent with your contact with details connected.

AmoLatina Scam - Is the Online Dating Site a Scam?Therefore, my personal point of view for this site is that it is a real big fraud. I trusted initially and paid 400$ for this due to some fake call. I decided upon a subscription, I paid for 400 cash value of credits, and once I started speaking with the women I soon noticed that all women were speaking with you on the same pattern and style. All the women tell you that you are the one and that they are always thinking of you.

They will tell you what you want to know to keep you chatting all the time. While your credits are running down and only for the fake calls. After 3 weeks the 400$ cash value of credits was gone and if I needed to keep communicating with them and talk more tome. I had to pay more 400$ cash value of credits. The more intense thing about it is you can’t offer private. Details and your personal account information so. The only way to chat is through this very expensive website.

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They say you can contact the woman at a high price. I might add and then return details over the call but whenever I did that the woman would come up with an excuse of why she can’t offer her number. I pointed out that you are not speaking with the woman at all but just a worker of the website trying to empty your wallet with these bogus 5 reviews they are all provided by workers and fake people. You only have to read those bogus opinions to understand that they are bogus and fake people. Stay away from Amolatina. I have never tried this due to $400 + money aroma of flowers for example. Much more to say but trying to keep it brief!

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