Amolatina is indeed a scam – Scam

Unless you work for Amolatina or Anastasia international, Amolatina is indeed a scam. You have to pay $7 for each activity (sending or reading an email). They’ve made sure you never get in touch with any of the girls you are interested in communicating with. You cannot send email addresses, websites or even telephone numbers. All you can do is exchange mail addresses which for some reason the girls never receive the letter. Most of the girls claim they have found someone, have a big complicated problem in their lives as soon as they hear that I am interested in going to meet them in person in their countries and it never ends. All kinds of girls behave in the same way. In the beginning, I thought it was something I said until I decided to do a reputation search which was not available at the time I joined in.

Amo Latina Scams

They have agencies in each South American country. Those agencies have their own databases and are run under a more reasonable business model. After communicating with one of the girls initially, I received an email from an agency in Peru called Christina’s Peru ( I visited the agency just to get an idea of what I am dealing with and was given 6 months of free membership. I noticed that the girls on were a subset of what Christina had (amolatina only had the beautiful girls) and the information was not honestly copied. They withheld important information or did not copy all the information completely. Of those where the number of children, smoking and even pictures were the girls looks a bit old.

In my recent search, someone said that some of the girls are paid to reply to you. Some girls reply after months noticeably after I lose interest in the ones waiting in my inbox.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t. If you want a Latina girl, go on plentyoffish for free.

Stay away from the websites below:

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